CNC Machining

Precision machining has been a core competency of Cootehill for more than 30 years. We have a comprehensive range of CNC machines capable of producing complex components with intricate geometric and freeform features. Our CNC Milling capabilities include full 5-axis machining and our CNC Turning capabilities cover up to 3 meters in length, and high-speed small diameter capability providing the best quality machined parts for our customers.

In addition, our EDM capability provides fine-detail profile machining in a wide range of metal and carbide materials.

Machine- No of Axis X- Travel Y- Travel Z- Travel Misc
JohnFord 3000 SHD-VMC 3 3000mm 1100mm 800mm Max Table Load : 4800kg
Doosan DNM 6700 4 1300mm 670mm 670mm 4 Axis Capacity ,Max Table Load:1200kg
Kitimura Mycenter 6 VMC 4 1220mm 610mm 610mm 4 Axis Capacity Ø430 Swing Diameter
Quaser 3 1000mm 600mm 600mm Max Table Load : 1000kg
TRYAX VMC 4 800mm 400mm 200mm 4 Axis Capacity: Driving Head Chuck Ø250
AXILE G8 5 670mm 820mm 600mm A-120/+120°, C-360°
Machine Chuck Capacity Additional info
HYUNDAI WIA L400LMC Chuck Capacity Ø400mm X 2100mm
Webstar and Bennett (VTL) Chuck Capacity Ø400mm X 2100mm Max Swing 1525mm Max Height 1200mm
Doosan Puma 3100LY Chuck Capacity Ø400mm X 2100mm Y- axis Capacity
PINACHO MUSTANG 200 Chuck Capacity Ø250
COLCHESTEOR TORNADO 300 Chuck Capacity Ø250X1000mm
HYUNDAI HIT 15S Bar Feed Capacity Ø40X1000mm
DUGARD EAGLE 200 Bar Feed Capacity Ø50X1000mm
PINACHO CNC Lathe Chuck Capacity Ø250
Lynx 300 Chuck Capacity 450mm X 765mm
Mazak Cybertech Turn 4500 Chuck Capacity 810mm X 3048mm
Machine Quantity
BridgePort Mill 3 Axis Milli 3 off
  • Capacity Ø 3 – Ø 600mm, 560mm swing (3 Off)
  • Large Turning Capacity: Ø1500mm x 350mm, D.B.C – 3m (1 Off)
  • Large Turning Capacity: Ø600mm, 840mm swing, D.B.C – 3.5m (1 Off)
Machine Capacity
Fine Sodick A530D Table Travel ( X and Y) (mm) – 500 x 320 Z Axis Travel (mm) – 270/5 to 275 Sub Table Travel (U and V) (mm) – 50 x 50 Max. Workpiece Dimensions (X / Y / Z) – 900 x 700 x 260/180 (/submerged) Maximum Workpiece Weight (kg) – 500/350 (/submerged) Taper Angle (degrees) – ±10°/100 Wire Diameter (mm) – 0.1 to 0.3


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